A truly SUSTAINABLE project

We are deeply committed to applying and promoting 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the sole objective of offering you the best place to live.

Our team of professionals really cares about the planet and we work every day to preserve and protect the environment in which we all coexist.

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The main objective is to follow the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of UN-Habitat, and we are currently in the process of obtaining EDGE certification for this and all our future projects.

In Limas Tulum, our goal is to comply with the NMX-AA-164-SCFI-2013 Sustainable Building standard, and once again take home the Obras Cemex first prize.

The Project

  • The development will make a minimal impact, leaving 80% free natural space.
  • Preserving the flora and fauna within the land.
  • Installation of a water-treatment plant.
  • Water reuse for irrigation.
  • Funnelling rainwater through natural stone filters.
  • Avoiding contamination of aquifers.
  • More green space, with over 55m2 per resident.
  • Fomenting education about wetlands and orchards.
  • In our amenities, including spaces for Yoga & Calisthenics in open, fresh-air surroundings.

The Housing

  • Architecture with a focus on letting natural light shine.
  • A consciousness about reducing electrical use by providing space for solar panels.
  • Designed with cross airflow in mind to reduce the use of air conditioning.
  • We avoid the use of plastic packaging during the entire construction process.
  • Water saving bathroom fixtures.
  • Selection of materials with minimal carbon footprint.

The Business

  • The women and men that make up our team include professionals with a social conscience.
  • We are an inclusive employer, and our team incorporates indigenous talent both locally and regionally.
  • We work to bolster local economies by sourcing materials and services from the area.

¡We are all connected by NATURE!

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